What is MyOpenMath?

MyOpenMath is a free open source platform for learning and assessment. It was originally designed for math content, and shines where mathematics are needed in the question text and/or the final answer, but can be used for any type of assessment.

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How does MyOpenMath fit in my course?

MyOpenMath is designed for mathematics, providing delivery of homework, quizzes, and tests with rich mathematical content. Students can receive immediate feedback on algorithmically generated questions with numerical or algebraic expression answers. It can an be used to web-enhance an on-campus course, as part of hybrid course, or to run a fully online course.

MyOpenMath is designed for quiz, homework, LivePoll, and video cued assessments:

  • Quizzes work in a similar way to Canvas Quizzes.
  • Homework adds the ability for students to redo individual questions without restarting the entire assessment.
  • Live Poll is a clicker-style display, requiring students to be in the assessment at the same time as the teacher. The teacher opens a question for students to answer, and results can be viewed live as they are submitted.
  • Video Cued the questions pop up automatically at specified times while watching a video.

All assessment styles allow for automatic feedback based on students responses, LatePasses, penalties for re-tries, group assessments, rough work submissions and much more.

Question Types

There is an extensive variety to the types of questions that can be constructed in MyOpenMath, with the main ones being:


Students can answer questions that require simple numerical answers such as integers and decimals, mathematical equations including exponents, fractions, complex numbers and trigonometry, interval notation, matrices, and even equations and functions that contain variables and inequalities. Extensive support for tolerances, units, and scientific notation can also be used to ensure students are marked correctly.


Questions can be asked where students must draw points, lines including vectors, and various curves including circles to hyperbolas. Grading can be exact or based on closeness to the correct answer.

MyOpenMath Graphing Question

Multiple Choice and Matching

Similar to those offered in most LMS, MyOpenMath can present multiple choice and matching questions. Various presentation, randomization, and grading styles can also be applied.

Text box

Although primarily requiring hand marking by the professor, short text boxes can be computer graded using an extensive library of functions like case sensitivity, Levenshtein distance and regular expressions (regex).

Interval Answers

Students can answer questions that requires an interval notation answer.

Example: (2,5] U (7,oo)

File Upload

Students can upload files directly to assessment questions. These can only be hand graded, but the instructor grading view has extensive support for common file types including PDF and word, allowing most files to be viewed directly in the grading view.

Questions can be pulled from extensive databases of questions including Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Health Sciences. Alternatively questions can be modified and created easily.



How do I start using MyOpenMath?

An account needs to be requested in order to use MyOpenMath, click on the button below to fill in an application form:

How accessible is MyOpenMath?

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