This page has been developed as a resource to support the College’s larger strategy to develop, plan, and deliver Micro-credentials in a purposeful and strategic way.

What is a Micro-credential?

A Micro-credential is a flexible and granular form of post-secondary education or training related to specific skills and competencies that are developed and offered in a partnership between one or more post-secondary institutions and one or more employers, may be tailored towards a specific need or may be stacked together, with the opportunity to track towards a larger recognized credential or certificate (Ministry of Colleges and Universities & The Ministry of Labour Training and Skills Development, 2021).

  • Micro-credentials are delivered in 11 weeks or less and can range from 5 to 300 instructional hours
  • Micro-credentials require collaboration between an accredited educational institution and an employer or industry sector
  • Micro-credentials will map to the chosen external competency framework and clearly link demonstrated knowledge, skills, or attitudes required of the credentialed assessment performance
  • Upon successful completion learners earn digital badge as evidence of achievement which can be shared digitally using the eCampus Passport, LinkedIn or other social media platforms



Provides an overview of Micro-credentials including associated definitions, purposes, delivery models and learning outcomes.

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Watch the micro-credential information session recorded on October 31st, 2022.

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The official starting point for any new Micro-credential, this form requires program areas to formally summarize critical details regarding their micro-credential.

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eCampus Ontario’s Micro-credential Toolkit

eCampusOntario’s Micro-credential Toolkit outlines how to navigate opportunities and challenges of developing micro-credentials around three core themes: collaboration, structures, and recognition.

Corporate Micro-credential page

More information and details on Micro-credentials are available on the Mohawk College corporate site.

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