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Digital Skills Services

What Does Digital Skills Services Offer:

Digital Skills Services are available to all Students, Staff and Faculty who require support for all technical digital programs related to your collegiate journey. This could be something as simple as logging into your email, MyCanvas, Microsoft 365, or working to understand an offered program though one on one support with one of our Digital Skills Technicians. Our goal is to provide you support and knowledge to allow you to build your digital awareness and knowledge, preparing you to be Future Ready once you leave Mohawk and join the workforce.


Digital Skills encompasses a vast amount of programs and activities. From learning how to work through making posters via Piktochart & Canva, programming for Raspberry Pi & Arduino, or picking up a program that you would like to explore such as Adobe Creative Suite, Unity, Unreal Engine, Autodesk and much more.


Do you or your class require a space that allows you to showcase individual teams with specific AV equipment? We have you covered! The Digital Creativity Centre has nine TV carts that can help facilitate a large group presentation or serve as an area to showcase individual presentations for a larger audience.


The Digital Creativity Centre has hosted a multitude of conferences and events including: The annual HEAD competition, Game Jams, Hack-a-thons, Alumni events, and many more. We can host smaller micro events (10 people) within our boardroom to large full scale events using half or the entirety of the DCC.


In partnership with eXPerienceded (XPD) Digital Skills will be helping run certathons throughout the year. These certifications could be run though the Digital Creativity Centre, Makerspace, or even integrated though existing courses though Faculty. Certifications are a great way to show potential employers prowess within a certain discipline, and look great on your resume.