What is Gather?

Gather (aka gather.town) is a free metaverse application that allows its users to meet and gather in a 2D virtual space. Fully customizable virtual space can be created within the tool and users can then join the space much like other conferencing tools like Zoom, with the exception that the users would be free to move their avatars around the space and interact with each other or objects within the space.

Use the Gather guide below to learn more about how to use Gather:

Mohawk Virtual Digital Creativity Centre (Virtual-DCC)

VDCC Banner

The Virtual-DCC is a Gather space that was created to provide the following services:

  • Technical Support
  • Appointment
  • Collaboration Space
  • Virtual Class
  • Digital Project Showcase

Join to get technical support, collaborate with peers or attend a scheduled class session. In this interactive virtual space, use your avatar to walk around, engage in video or audio conversations, share screens or collaborate using whiteboards.  


What are the requirements to use Gather?

  • Gather can be used either on a web browser (all popular web browsers are supported) or as a desktop application. We recommended the browser version for its ease of use.

Can I use Gather on a mobile device?

  • Gather can be used in Google Chrome on a phone, the user would be able to move around and talk to others, however there would be limitations on interacting with objects within the space.

Why isn’t my camera/audio working?

  • Make sure that your camera and microphone is plugged in and turned ON
  • On your browser permission settings, make sure that Camera and Microphone is set to “Allow”
    The permissions setting is typically close to the URL

Why can’t I hear or see someone?

  • Check to make sure that your camera and microphone is working
  • Make sure that you are not muted, you can toggle your microphone and camera ON/OFF at the bottom of the screen
    Gather Mic and Camera Toggle
  • If you are not in a private space within Gather, voice and video is proximity-based, so if you are too far away from the person you will not be able to see or hear them
  • If you are in a private space (indicated by a highlighted area), people outside of private space will not see or hear you. On the other hand, if you are outside of a private space, people inside of a private space will not see or hear you
  • If you are not sure what the issue is, you can use the chat feature to reach out to a Digital Skills Technician for support

I would like to host a class or a presentation in gather, who do I reach out to?

  • Email the Digital Skills team for requesting to use Gather for class presentations or similar events.

Can I make a request to make a custom room for my class?

  • Email the Digital Skills team if you would like to request a custom room consultation and work with a specialist to have the room made

Last Update: August 30, 2022  

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